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Icon Athlete: Community Driven, Result Focused Programming

We are excited to announce we are moving in a direction to benefit our growing family at FLxR. While Lionmode (our previous program) presented some great variety and has allowed for many PRs in our Front Squat & Press, it faced some gaps for our coaches and athletes. 

This week we begin following Game’s Athlete & Level 4 CF Trainer Chris Spealler’s Icon Athlete Gym programming.

  • Monthly intra gym challenges to build community – November we focus on Squat Development.
  • Workout specific general warm-ups and skill specific warm-ups
  • Athlete notes (“workout prep”) on SugarWOD communicating stimulus and expectation for the day’s WOD.
  • Workout options for everyone including scaled & Rx
  • Maintenance to encourage mobility and strength in some of the less focused areas.Optional accessory pieces each day – posted on SugarWOD so can be completed before or after class.

Check out the below links for additional information.