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1-760-523-2243 3146 Tiger Run Ct, Carlsbad, CA 92010 Mon - Sun 8.00 - 20.30
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Pricing Plans

Group Classes


  • $ 135
    Per Month
  • Limited
    • 3 Classes Per Week
    • *
    • *

    Other pricing options available.

  • $ 135
    Per Month
  • Discounted Unlimited
    • Active Military & First Responders
    • Full-Time Students
    • Couples/Same Household

    Other pricing options available.

  • $ 150
    Per month
  • Unlimited
    • Unlimited Classes
    • *
    • *

    Other pricing options available.

Personal Training


  • $ 320
    Per Month
  • 55 Minute Sessions - 1 Day Per Week
    • Monthly Sessions: 4
    • Days Per Week: 1

    Contact us for online training, additional packages and pricing. We offer 25-minute sessions to fit your busy schedule.

  • $ 600
    Per Month
  • 55 Minute Sessions - 2 Days Per Week
    • Monthly Sessions: 8
    • Days Per Week: 2

    Contact us for online training, additional packages and pricing. We offer 25-minute sessions to fit your busy schedule.

  • $ 840
    Per Month
  • 55 Minute Sessions - 3 Days Per Week
    • Monthly Sessions: 12
    • Days Per Week: 3

    Contact us for online training, additional packages and pricing. We offer 25-minute sessions to fit your busy schedule.

Hormone Therapy
& Nutrition Coaching


  • $ 135
    Per Month
  • Hormone Therapy
    • Create your personal blueprint
    • Two 50-minute sessions per month
    • Email & phone support between sessions
    • Simple healthy recipes & handouts
  • $ 135
    Per Month
  • Nutrition Coaching
    • Customized macro-nutrient calculation
    • Weekly check-ins and macro adjustments
    • Easy access for support, information and feedback

...I can't say enough great things about the owners and coaches. This special place is clearly a product of their passion for helping people be their best selves. The class sizes are never too large for the coach to give everyone personal attention and instruction on the technical movements. Even with someone as uncoordinated as myself who needs things explained to them every time like it's my first time, they're patient and generous with their attention and help. With their help, I've done so many things I'd never imagined myself doing (HSPU and rope climbs? Ahhh!). In FLxR's walls, I have celebrated many many firsts and PRs. I feel stronger and more confident in my body's abilities than I've ever felt in my life. I've gone from dreading WOD every day to wanting, or rather NEEDING it (it's better than therapy). I'm no longer obese, no longer pre-diabetic, am completely anti-depressant free and thriving... I can't wait to see where I am in another year!...

Jessica W.

I have been training with Ren for the past few months. What can I say? The girl is AWESOME! She tailored the workouts to my specific need/goal, no single workout is the same and they always increase in intensity, which produces results. Ren knows her craft and is absolutely passionate about it. She motivates, encourages, pushes you to try harder and turns a blind eye when you "cry like a baby". Great personality, always with a smile! Best of the Best!!

Agne S. EMS (Paramedic)

I originally came to FLxR because of it's proximity to my work. After my first class with Coach Tara, I stopped looking for other places and ways to workout. The programming is diverse and effective and under Ren's leadership a supportive, energetic, and positive community has been formed. I cannot recommend this CF box enough. The coaches are incredible, the community is welcoming and encouraging, and the results are proven. We just finished a 12-week challenge during which I dropped 3% BMI, lost 7 pounds of fat and gained 1 lb of muscle, and I've only just begun. I feel better and have more energy than I have had in the past 6 years. Don't be intimidated to start, that's the hardest part. The coaches listen to your needs and will adapt the workout so you can get the most out of it for whatever ability you have. They focus on technique and form to keep you safe and help you improve.

Jill I. CPA

I LOVE training with Lauren! From the start she has been awesome, taking the time to understand my goals and creating workouts to help me achieve them. She is thorough when explaining and demonstrating different exercises, ensuring safety and making sure I feel comfortable with what I’m doing. Every workout is different keeping it fun and interesting. Our workouts are always challenging and she continually pushes me to go outside my comfort zone. Lauren is very genuine and I feel like she really cares about me as a person and about helping me to be the healthiest and strongest I can be. She’s very supportive and encouraging, without being a drill sergeant. Lauren is just the right mix of badass and sweetheart.

Jessica Mize Director

I came to FLxR just to try it out and just loved the coaches, environment, people, and workouts. I get special attention from coaches when needed. The other members cheat you on and make you feel like you can accomplish CrossFit. There is a great variety of coaches for weight lifting, CrossFit, nutrition and range of motion. They are very supportive and motivating. I'll never go anywhere else.

Allison J.