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Cali Spaulding

Cali Spaulding

Crossfit Instructor

Cali’s Fit Life journey began at a very young age with skiing and horseback riding. She went on to discover numerous other sport activities, eventually becoming a semi-pro snowboarder only to have her career cut short due to an unfortunate head injury.  After her career path took her into corporate pharmaceuticals, the return of her mother’s cancer ignited a renewed interest in fitness along with yoga therapy, as she found that it significantly helped her coping. After her mom passed in late 2015, Cali decided that her calling was to help others find peace through their own fitness and practice.

As a current hockey goalie & weightlifter, Cali decided that she wanted to focus helping adults achieve and increase their own mobility.  Her own life experiences have made her well aware of how important a fitness regimen can be for both the physical and mental health of all individuals – especially athletes and military veterans, as each of these present their own unique set of challenges and play a significant role in the need for balancing the mind, body and soul. Through fitness and yoga therapy, Cali feels she has found an excellent remedy for balancing life and mind.

She exudes a passion for mobility and strength training, and is both tough as nails and gently encouraging at the same time.  She has found fitness to be a wonderful balance between mind and body, while filling that time with happiness and peace.

Cali’s yoga journey is ongoing, as she recently completed her 500-hour certification.  Coupled with her ISSA personal training certification, Cali brings a broad spectrum of talents to Fit Life.  Her classes have been described as bubbly, spirited yet challenging, ego-free and, above all else, fun.