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Eric Sandoval

Eric Sandoval

Crossfit Trainer

ERIC SANDOVAL: CF-L1, CF-Adaptive Training
After 15 years of Marine Corps service a Life changing accident left my right arm disabled! I came to my first CrossFit WOD here at FLxR and it changed my life. Adaptive CrossFit has provided me with quality of life that I couldn’t have obtained anywhere else. The Community of FLxR is the ideal place for gains no matter what limitations, you may think, you have. I began my Adaptive CrossFit competitive career with a 5th place showing at Wodapalooza, Miami 2019 just 7 months after my first WOD.  Anyone can be an adaptive athlete! You need three things:

  1. Drive: the kind only found in the very pit of your soul
  2. Courage: to work through the Fear and push past the pain
  3. Faith: faith that your body will go as far as your heart will take it!

Let’s change your life, Today!