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Julie Rocha

Julie Rocha

Crossfit Instructor

JULIE ROCHA: CPT, TBMM-CES (Corrective Exercise), IIN GRAD (Holistic Health Coach), Hormone Specialist

Meet Julie Rocha, Certified Personal Trainer, NPC Figure Competitor, and IIN Holistic Health Coach. She is passionate about teaching people that fitness is not a fad, it is a journey and a lifestyle and we must enjoy the beautiful ride. No individual is the same, we all have
different goals and health conditions. Julie works specifically to customize workout programs that are tailored specifically to the client.

Aside from personal training, Julie has a strong passion for nutrition and healing the body through mindfulness. Health extends beyond workouts. We all have our struggles and experience lac of motivation at times but it’s her passion and job to make sure we stay motivated and committed to
our goals.

The body can achieve what the mind believes. With dedication, commitment, and consistency, anything can be accomplished. She is here to keep you motivated, hold you accountable, create safe and effective workouts, and make sure you stay committed no matter what.