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Ren Allen

Ren Allen



I love to live on the edge of life, chasing the next thrill. I am an outgoing, adrenaline junkie who loves to chase challenges. Throughout my life, I’ve practiced extreme and team sports such as softball, soccer, surf, swim, snowboarding and bmx riding. I continued my athletic journey and became highly involved in strength training, competing in the National Physique Committee, Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting.

I am a wife, a mother, a business owner, was once an employee to Corporate America, Co-Chairwomen for Corporate Wellness, and still a woman who understands the importance of living a fit life while juggling responsibilities. Living a fit life is a lifestyle I’ve adopted, always push for greater limits while helping others do the same. I am a fitness and nutrition coach focusing on motivating women and men to live strong, to be healthy and to inspire our future while maintaining a balanced and fit life.